Time Consuming Experiment


The video posted is a demonstration on one of the techniques used in finger knitting. I have begun experimenting with this as a technique to use in conjunction with the crotcheted pieces i have begun doing.

I find that this technique is easier to learn than traditional knitting. I believe that is because of the lack of knitting needles. So far i am enjoying the process. I’m still going to teach myself to do basic knitting as another experiment for my time project.

I would like to do a video or series of videos showing the making of and the unraveling of a crocheted piece to show what i believe would be the ‘deconstruction’ of time.

Hopefully i can post some trials for your viewing in my next blog.

On with the work.

Tick Tock-


Political Stop-motion Animation


This video is made by recording the movement of play dough using photography, narrated by snippets of a political speech. Play dough was made by me using an online recipe and food dye. After sculpting my characters and writing a story board, I set my stage with tungsten lights and a white background. I recorded each small increment of movement using a digital camera set on a tripod. The sound comprises music put together in the program ‘garage band’ and a political speech cut up to narrate the animation. The statements are accompanied by comical visuals animated to add to these statements using everyday nature as puns. Words appear on screen and is highlighted by a bouncing ball reiterating the statements, adding a karaoke type of atmosphere that brings forth, to me, a sense of frivolity. This piece started the political satire aspect in my work.