All Thought Out

During this process of developing a conceptual theory and producing well thought out work from it, there have been many times I have lost myself in my own web of links and theories and have completely slowed down production. This reoccurring pattern of what can be considered “artist’s block” has led me down various twists and turns in the last two years.

I have looked at many different topics, all of which still have some hold in the path I’m following now. Masking, the mask, ideas of the skin, clothing, and make up as masks was one of the major stops I made in this journey. I may revisit that someday soon. Those ideas are still present in the layering and covering of spirals in my spiral drawings. 

The idea of “Women’s work” another stop I made along my journey still stands strong. Women are also considered to be expert “maskers” with all the layers some of us put on and when we have to face the world, and take off when we come back home where the world can’t get to us.

Process was a big part of some of the blockages I experienced as well. For a long time in the 2nd year of my degree programme I was sitting at the computer click-clicking away. That process became frustrating and tiresome and resulted in me getting bored with my masking idea and putting it to rest (much to the dismay of some of my advisors).

Frustration and the need to “get my hands dirty” saw me basically melting down and throwing a tantrum and lots of paint at an old canvas of mine. That started me down a kind of expressionistic by-the-wayside path that I eventually had to walk back up and off of.

Today I find myself spending time, lots of time, trying to show time, fill time, waste time. I find I think it easier to incorporate processes I have dabbled with in my younger years (which wasn’t that long ago as I am still very young) such as Painting, Crocheting and Knitting. I get to relearn the latter two and add another craft onto my list of “I Can”; Tatting.

I find the best way to handle the blockages is to immerse yourself in something you love to do, or find that someone who can see your vision and help guide you back there, or just empty yourself of the work and the worry by writing about it. All of this is easier said than done. I know from my limited experience that doing this can be very difficult because you feel obligated and connected to your current train of thought and working method; or; at least you think you are.

So take a step back. It helps to refocus.

Time moves on.

Tick Tock-



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