Tick Tock

I have been exploring the idea of ‘the filling of time’. To go about this I have chosen to use techniques such as crochet, knitting, and tatting. Time consuming processes that i believe are connected to the idea that i have developed over the last year. For me each stitch made represents a moment in time. Much like the spirals in my brown paper drawings. A complete piece is then a log of the time passed and filled.

Below is an image of a piece i crocheted. I’m considering continuing this piece to make it progressively larger, until i have decided on that i have started another crochet piece. I am considering strategically dying the white crocheted piece to give it some contrast in colour. Indications have been made that the piece as it stands now may be too decorative. That is something i must figure out how to change.¬†


Onward with the work.

Tick Tock-



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