As I take a look back, I recall the beginning of the second year of the BFA program when I was to come up with a proposal of what I would be investigating. My first proposal started off like this:

Proposal for Advance Studio (29 Aug 2011)

“Politricks” according to Urbandictionary.com “Originally a Jamaican term meaning…politicians tricking the public and playing games”. ‘Politricks’ came as a result of my trip back to St Lucia where I worked for the summer vacation. I was exposed first hand to a number of circumstances that came as a shocker when I saw politicians and their colleagues fool the public into believing how accountable, ethical and transparent they were while corruption created a stench in the air. My aim is to show and explore a few facets of the term Politricks and express my views along with the views of others in the form of painting, sculpture, video and mixed media.
“Sitting of the House” is a piece that explains what happens in Parliament. Politicians tear each other apart with their words during sitting of the house and it is sometimes about who is going to remain on top and who will be put down. Most times the real issues are not addressed and one leader is spending time discussing the corruption of another. A number of chairs are going to be deconstructed and then reconstructed into the form of a lifeless body.
The piece I call “Smooth Talk” is about the beautiful, colourful talk that leaders give in order to persuade people to vote for them. It consist of a foam head that is covered with magazine clippings of words and political newspaper clippings. Some of the articles are shredded and stuck to the head in order to portray fluff that comes out of the speeches of the leaders. This bust is placed in a ballot box made out of plexi glass.
Some speeches cause leaders to commit “Political Suicide” if they do not live up to the expectation of the people. This piece a gun cut out from a book that is based on politics. This book is about the Jamaican voice and the speeches of P.J. Patterson. Using political satire in the form of a gun, the piece will say that  PJ Patterson experienced many obstacles that could have cause for him political suicide and it will also pun on the fact that Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the world because of the number of illegal guns.
Is political suicide coming as a result of a people who are inexperienced where politics is concerned because of such a long period of colonization? My next piece is going to be about three children sitting together, however they will be like puppets on strings. One will cover her eyes, the other cover his ears and the last one will cover his mouth. The children will represent countries in the Caribbean that are being hung on strings by the Metropolitan countries or their influences. I intend to use mixed media, such as photography, painting, drawing and ink.

‘Sitting of the House’

Did not come about as I found difficulty finding old chairs for this investigation.

‘Smooth Talk’



‘Political Suicide’




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